Yuletide: Motorists Decry Deplorable State Of Asaba/Kwale/Ughelli Road

AS the yuletide gradually approaches, motorists plying the Asaba/Kwale/Ughelli road have decried the deplorable condition of the road as it has made driving very uncomfortable for them and travellers alike.
Speaking to The Pointer yesterday, some of the commercial bus driver lamented the many death traps on the road and called on the state government and the contractor handling the road project to return to site and complete the road now that we are in the dry season.
First to speak was Mr. Friday Chikerem, a bus driver who said the road is now a death trap, particularly the failed portions close to the entrance to MOPOL 31 base at Ogwashi Uku and the entrance to the Ogwashi Uku Prisons.
He said many accidents had occurred on the road due to the many failed portions which make driving difficult for motorists.
Also, a serving police officer (names withheld) said the poor state of the road had made policing, particularly at night, quite difficult, ‘but we have to try our best to continue doing the work, if not it is not encouraging, he said.
He appealed to the state and federal governments to make the road one of the top priorities of the government in the coming dry season, and at least rehabilitate the road for the people.
In the same vein, many others who spoke decried the state of the road, and called on the contractors handling the Asaba section of it to return to site in the interest of the public.
‘This road has caused a lot of road accidents and damage to vehicles; a journey of an hour to Ughelli now takes over three to four hours. It is not the best; the road is a major link to Asaba, Isoko, Ughelli, Patani and Warri among others. It should be taken seriously and completed,’ the respondents said.
It would be recalled that the road was shared into three sections and awarded to three contractors so that it can be completed in a record time but, years have passed without completion with many failed portions from Asaba to Ughelli, making motorists to appeal to the government to complete the road for Deltans and other road users.