I’m Disappointed With Low Structural Standard Of Private Schools —Omatshola

DELTA State Commissioner
for Women
Affairs, Community
and Social Development,
Rev. Williams Omatshola
has expressed disappointment
at the low structural
standard of some private
nursery schools in the
She has ,therefore, advised
school owners to
create a conducive environment
and structures for
accommodation of pupils
than packing children like
‘chickens’ in classrooms.
Rev. Williams gave the advice
on Tuesday during the
ongoing Pre-Nursery and
Nursery Schools’ inspection
tour by the ministry
in Asaba, the Delta State
capital when she inspected
eight schools located along
the popular Infant Jesus
and Bonsac areas.
According to her, most of
the schools are not conducive
for learning, despite
the huge amount of money
their parents pay as school
fees or tuition. She advised
proprietors to imbibe the
fear of God and not take
advantage of the common
At Stella Lawrence Private
School, Anwai, the
commissioner advised the
staff to endeavour to acquire
etiquette as most of
the staff turned out to be
rude and unruly, which,
according to her, does not
present the school in good
light. She advised the Proprietress,
Mrs. Anomfueme
Stella, to provide a playground
for the children as it
is an integral part of learning
for the pupils as well as
report to the ministry for
failure to comply with the
registration and approval
of the nursery and crèche
before taking off.
Some of the schools visited
that are yet to comply
with the registration
include; St. Michael International
School, Bright
Eyes Day Care, Pace Setters
Montessori School,
and Jumen Nursery and
Primary School which are
also located in Infant Jesus
area with a telecommunication
mast in the premises,
which the commissioner
frowned at.Rev. Williams
also visited Great Learners
Academy, Green Height
International School and
Ginosko Schools, all located
at Bonsac and asked the
school authority to report
to the ministry.