Obuzor Implores Govt To Refocus Education System For Better Result

A renowned Professor of Forestry, Paramount traditional ruler and Obuzor of Ibusa in Oshimili North Local Government Area, Delta State, HRH Obi (Prof.) Louis C. Nwoboshi has advocated the need for the government to refocus Nigeria’s education system and re-invent and re-equip our youths with adequate knowledge of themselves and their environment before asking them to fend for themselves.
He advised that the Delta State Government, specifically, in its capacity building programme, should include the establishment of pilot project on the application of literacy to the documentation, development and teaching of the cultural resources of the state in the Ministry of Education.
The monarch spoke in an interview with The Pointer at Ibusa. Obi Nwaoboshi said that “in late 1950s and early 1960s, some European teachers in the old Government College, Umuahia, spotted the difficulties posed to learning process in Nigeria by relying on temperate books and transformed the temperate textbooks for their subjects to ones with the local topical background (the famous Biology by Stone and Cousin),”adding that he was a product of the manuscript of this book and helped in collecting the plants and animals used in illustrating this book.
He stated that the book helped, in no small measure, in moulding him and many of his colleagues, who later became engineers, pharmacists, doctors, agriculturists and foresters like himself, stressing that “instead of learning of oaks, sycamores and spruces, we learned of Iroko, Obeche, mangoes, etc, that we see around us and it was then we began to see education as a voyage of discovery of our immediate surrounding.”
The renowned academic stated that after about 30 years after leaving Umuahia, he wrote “Tropical Silviculture,” a text book now used in virtually all the forestry schools in the tropical world.
He emphasised that for instance, Deltans cannot understand fellow Deltans and our various life support systems (ie the soils, the water, the solar energy as received in Delta, the plant and animal resources) from any English book, stressing that “pre-colonial Deltans, for example knew that Delta State has two main life support systems: the swampy and the firm land known as Ndosimili and Enuani in Anioma area, but today, this is demarcated by the road running roughly from Ologbo to Koko, Ajagbodudu to Ogharaefe, Mosogar, Sapele, Warri, Ughelli to Patani with the firm land to the left and the swampy to the right.”