Teacher Beaten To Death

A classroom teacher at Starlight Secondary School, Ogidi, Anambra State, by more Dilinye Rita was beaten to death by the parents of one Okafor Chinaza, a 14-year-old student she flogged. . According to eye witness account the incident happened
on Wednesday, 29th of November, 2017. Chinaza
was allegedly flogged by Rita for not sweeping the class according to the roster.
Fellow classmate said that when the teacher questioned Chinaza on why she didn’t sweep, she responded rudely. She then told her to kneel down, but she refused, prompting the teacher to annoyingly flog her. The student later ran home and returned with her mum and uncle. According to the proprietress: “I was in my office with one of my teachers when she came in. .
I pleaded with them to allow the school look into the issue with diplomacy, as revenge won’t yield needed result. She accepted to forget and forgive as I promised
her that we will handle the case.” However, as the parents were leaving, they saw the teacher coming back from the private teachers meeting she had gone to. The mother was said to have rushed her with the stick she came with.
After a while, the teacher collapsed and was rushed to Iyi-Enu Hospital, Ogidi, where the doctor confirmed her dead. Currently, the parents and the student are being held at the police in Ogidi police station.