God’s Promises And You

Bible References Job 14: 14b. Ecc. 9: 11
SOMETIME ago, I taught on the IVV principle as a means of activating God’s promises. In it, ‘I’ stands for internalization. This requires that a believer should understand, believe and commit a given Word from the Lord into memory. Of the two other letters, the first ‘V’ is for visualisation: creating mental pictures of the Word from God, while the last is for vocalisation: speaking forth that promise in prayers and in faith testimony. This principle is founded on Genesis 13: 14 – 18; 15: 5; Rom. 4: 13 – 21; Mk 11: 22 – 24 and 1Timothy 1: 18. Today, we shall be looking at this same issue from a slightly different perspective as I ponder on God’s promises and the believer. But just before we go into my area of focus today, I present to you the thoughts of a 17-year-old Deltan, Eziebo Chukwuma on the topic, Christmas and X-mas as presented by him in our headquarters Church in Suleja, Niger State on December 24, 2017.
*It is surprising how people changed the word ‘Christmas’ into ‘X-mas’. I know that most people would ask themselves, what sort of topic is this; is Christmas and X-mas not the same thing? Are they not referring to the same celebration of Jesus’ birth? Well, Christmas is the celebration of Christ Jesus while Xmas is just a combination of the one letter prefix ‘X’ and the word ‘mas’. Looking at the scenario of Jesus birth, there was no time he was named X. Why then have we replaced the word ‘Christmas’ with ‘X-mas’?
As it is known in mathematical studies, although most of us hate Mathematics as a school subject, X is always a missing object, part or figure. It is either we find or solve for X. Now a question: Did Jesus ever get missing at birth that we should be celebrating X-mas?
Celebrating X-mas is like celebrating the finding of the lost letter X and not the birth of Jesus Christ. The Bible did not say Jesus got missing or lost at birth that we should be celebrating X-mas. It is also believed that the letter X is a very negative potent sign in the occult world. So why should we be celebrating thing as X-mas when we say we are of Christ?
Emperor Constantine was the Roman Empire leader who after given his life to Christ, chose the day, 25th December, as the date to celebrate the birth of Christ Jesus. The date, 25th December was used to celebrate the sun god but when this leader of the then known world came; he changed the celebration to represent the birth of Jesus, the Son of God.
It should be noted that December 25th is not exactly the date of Jesus’ birth. But that he was born as the incarnate Word of God, no sane person can dispute. If one has no other reason to believe that he came, the power of his Name even till today is a living proof. What of millions of teens like me whose lives have been set aright believing in him?
Jesus Christ is God’s Word made flesh and not an alphabet. Be that as it is, why then do we call the celebration of his birth ‘X-mas’? Is it that the word Christmas is too long or hard to pronounce or are we just trying to follow trend? If trendy, then there is something absolutely wrong with it.
Christmas is a combination of Christ and mas. While Christ stands for the anointed One of God, mas is an expression of its celebration. Knowing the mathematical meaning of X as a figure of expression, I herein call that we should stop celebrating the emergence of the anointed one of God as one that got missing at birth. Thank you. Let us celebrate Christ at Christmas and not X-mas. Thanks!*
Now back to the sermon of the day. In this that I have undertaking to do, that is, discussing God’s promises and you, I work on this assumption that you are born again. On that premise therefore, I put it to you that as a believer, you like Isaac, son of father Abraham was, is a child of promise (Gal. 4: 28). You became born again because God promised so. Out of you flows the Rivers of Living Water because God said so. You are baptised with his Spirit for service because he who can not lie said he will do it for you. You are endowed with the ability to turn knowledge into profitable use because Christ has been made unto you wisdom. You are a partaker of the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ because it came as a promise. On this earth, you shall successfully labour in Christ and when your eye lids close in death, at the trump of God, you shall appear with him in glory all because God has promised so. And you know what? In this perverse and crooked generation full of wickedness, you are kept by the power of God’s promise activated through faith. The food of faith is the Word of God. Set your heart therefore to feed your faith in the coming year through consistent and systematic study of the Word.
Secondly, what ever promise God ever made as contained in the Bible’s two testaments (the first established by animal blood and the second, by the blood of the last Adam) finds fulfilment in Christ Jesus. So, if you are born again, you have been planted into him, been given his Spirit, brought into the commonwealth of the Jews to whom actually the promises belong. They are theirs through their progenitors, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. But now in Christ Jesus, through the new birth miracle, all the promises of God ever found in the Bible is yours for a take. You are a stakeholder in God through him.
Read and take deep, clear thoughts on Ephesians 2: 10 – 12 and 2Corinth. 1: 20 for this.
Thirdly, it is expedient to state that every promise of God is backed up by his power. Each promise is a living seed waiting to be planted in the heart of the believer and released through the spoken word. His promises are the carriers of his effectual working power. And he that made them all is a faithful promise keeper (Isa. 55: 10 – 11; 46: 9 – 11; Lk 1: 45; Num. 23: 19; Rom. 10: 8).
Fourthly, you turn every promise of God into provision by believing and acting on it. If the Bible says you shall lay hands on the sick in the Name of Jesus and the sick shall recover, you need not doubt if you are a believer. Go on and do it as instructed and the result will be definite. Why? Every word of God is full of power. Your believing and acting on it activates it (Lk 1: 45). Peter could walk on the water as long as he kept his eyes on him who is master over all and his mind on his word ‘Come’ (Matthew 14: 22 – 29).
Fifthly, every word you see in the Bible is a product of God’s spoken Word by which he created the worlds and sustains them. If God created the worlds by his Word, that same Word can produce what it says.
Sixthly, the promises of God are often conditional and hidden in the Word. It behoves the believer to search them out, unravel the accompanying conditions and match them against his or her challenges. On this, the Word made flesh instructs “Search the scriptures; for in them ye think ye have eternal life: and they are they which testify of me.” (John 5: 39)
It pays no dime having a large sized Bible which you do not open until every Sunday morning in the Church. The Holy Ghost instructs in Col 3:16 “Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom; teaching and admonishing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord.” To ‘Let’ in this instance, is to allow the Word. It is your responsibility to allow the Word. You do this, as you take conscious steps towards studying and meditating on it. And when you treat the Word like this, as written in Joshua 1: 8, you will learn to make your ways prosperous.
Beginning to round up on this discourse, I say to you that you can activate every promise of God by keying into the following:
a) Ensure you are truly born again; by this, you are brought into the common wealth of Israel where access is given to every non-Jew to the promises of God.
b) Search to discover relevant promises to your situation and match them against your needed provision.
c) Turn every promise into prayers and learn to pray right, believing without doubting;
d) Engage the prophetic force of calling forth those things that be not as though they were.
e) Engage the force of seed sowing and vow.
f) Like father Abraham, keep giving glory to God for your expectation
Finally, without a squint of doubt, I pen that whatever God has promised, he intends to perform and has the capacity to fulfil same. “We should believe whatever he has spoken; his own authority is a sufficient reason why we should believe. Let us only be convinced that God has given the promise, and then implicit faith becomes an indispensable duty: in this case not to believe implicitly would be absurd and unreasonable-God will perform his promise, for HE cannot lie. He is faithful that promised.” (Adam Clarke’s commentary on Luke 1: 45). Therefore charge I you: Go for God’s promises! Stick to them! Keep understanding, meditating and believing them! Keep talking them! They shall deliver unto you, the true change! They shall create times and seasons of exceeding fruitfulness for you in the emergent year. They shall put you over and in charge! And I say ‘Rejoice!’