It’s Shameful That Nigeria Can’t Refine Enough Fuel For Domestic Use –Omole

CHAIRMAN, Academic Staff Union
of Universities (ASUU), University
of Ibadan branch, Dr. Deji Omole
has described as shameful that Nigeria
under the President Muhammadu
Buhari cannot refine enough fuel for
domestic consumption despite being
the Minister of Petroleum.
Omole, while speaking recently in
Ibadan at a press conference on State
of the Nation, stated that evidences
have shown that neither APC nor PDP
has the solution to the problems facing
ordinary Nigerians.
He maintained that Nigerians
appeared to have been defrauded by
the government when the President
said he would oversee the Ministry
himself to get the desired change.
Omole while speaking further,
lamented that those leading Nigeria do
not believe in the country and are not
committed to solving her problems.
He lashed out at the APC-led Federal
government saying that nothing would
change in the Education and health
sectors since the President believes
his children can school and graduate
abroad while he can access quality
health care in the UK.
Noting that the Buhari government
is not serious about fighting corruption,
Omole challenged the EFCC to make
public outcome on the petition the Union
submitted to it on the corruption at the
University of Ilorin (UNILORIN).
He said nearly 75 percent of Nigeriatrained
qualified doctors have left
the country while those at home are
planning to leave owing to the poor
working conditions and bad welfare
“That we cannot refine oil for local
consumption let alone for export is a
This is still happening because those
leading us do not believe in Nigeria.
It is unfortunate that those leading
this country run abroad for health,
education and even save stolen funds
“They only preside over a country
they do not believe in. The Government
of Buhari has continued to slide down
the budget allocation to education.
“In Nigeria now, corruption is official
because the government only makes
noise rather than fight the scourge,”
Omole stated.