What Makes For A Crime

The law has little room for semantics. If an act possesses the ingredients which make for a particular crime, then it is that exact crime that has been committed,
no matterwhat other alias the offender chooses to call his act. For instance, Section 383 of the Criminal Code Act in stating the definition of STEALING provides,interalia, as follows: (1) ‘A person who fraudulently takes anything capable
of being stolen, or fraudulently converts to his own use or to the use of any other person anything capable of being stolen, is said to steal that thing. (2) A person who takes or converts anything capable of being stolen is deemed to do so fraudulently if he does so with any of the following intents – (a) an intent permanently to deprive the owner of the thing of it; (b) an intent permanently to deprive any person who has any special property in the thing of such property…’
Pastor GB was a gifted orator. Although he had limited formal education, his mastery of the English Language was superb. He had been in the business of advert and sale of drugs aboard commercial buses when Mr. TY, a businessman, recognized the young man’s‘talent’and made him a proposal:
You’ll make a very good pastor, my friend. I see you as a very smart guy, and you know how to speak English very well, too. I want us to be partners in my new business.I have a very good site in the city where I want to build a big church. I’ll be the G.O. (General Overseer) while you’ll be my senior pastor. Do you know something? While the building is going on, I’ll send you to a Bible College for a six months’ course. When you graduate, you’ll perm your hair and we’ll start business immediately… Look, you don’t have to worry about athing. To show you how much faith I have in your ability to deliver in this business, I’m going to place you on a salary right away. I’ll even pay your tuition through Bible College. But we’re going to sign an Agreement that you’ll never leave to form your own church till you’ve served me for at least seven years.’
‘Let’s not fix it in terms of years but in terms of target,’ GB suggested. ‘After all, what’s to stop me from just relaxing and waiting for seven years to roll by without making that much money for you? But if you set a target for me and I’m free to leave when I’ve attained it, you’ll get the best out of me in the shortest possible time.’
‘You’re right,’ agreed Mr. TY. ‘Let’s fix a target then. From the estimate of my building engineers, it’s going to take me N25 million to build the church. Any day we’re able to save uptwice the cost of the church building, you’ll be free. Agreed?’
‘Agreed,’ GB answered without even a moment’s
pause, because suddenly he could see the ‘light’ that the other man saw; there and then, he could visualize himself flying private jets…
Mrs. Vee was a high society woman. She had almost every good thing that life had to offer, except that for fifteen years since she had been married she was yet to be blessed with a child. A friend of hers, Deaconess TT, who was a close ally of the newly commissioned Pastor GB of GOD IN HEHEAVEN MIRACLE CHURCH INCORPORATED,
told Mrs. Vee one day:
‘My sister, leave that your dead church and follow me to our church, where you have Christians who are born-again, Spirit-filled and tongue-talking. Look, my dear,God is still working
and miracles are still happening, but you’re simply in the wrong church. Our own dear Pastor
GB is not called the “present day Elijah” for nothing: he’s filled with unction to function. No Sunday ever passes without at least five women who have been blessed with miracle babies coming to testify and do their child dedication in our church. I say, come to Pastor GB and you’ll carry your own miracle baby before
you know it.’
It was a much excited and expectant Mrs. Vee that followed Deaconess TT to Pastor GB’s ‘miracle service’ the following Sunday…
‘The Bible is so explicit about it, brothers and sisters,’ Pastor GB blared out on the microphone, ‘thin sowing means thin reaping. Never come to the Almighty with empty hands, because it’s the measure with which you give out that you’ll also receive… Now, if you’re really expecting a miracle, I call upon you to challenge God right now. One hundred…
I say only one hundred-o! The first one hundred people to run out NOW to this altar and sow a seed with only N5,000 will, before the next forty-eight hours, receive that special miracle which for years Satan has been blocking
you from.’
Mrs. Vee was startled to notice the sudden rampage as people started scampering to be part of the ‘lucky hundred’. She felt herself being dragged to her feet by her friend, Deaconess TT, and jostled towards the altar… Some persons, including herself, paid in cash, and others by cheque. Her head was still spinning when she got back to her seat only to hear the pastor announcing:
‘There’s a lady here who has been married for fifteen years without an issue. The Lord has destined for you to be a mother of three sons and two daughters, but Satan the Prince of Persia is blocking your blessings from getting to you. Today, the Holy Spirit says I should tell you to weep no more… Halleluiah! If you’re that sister, please, come out here that I might pray for you.’
Again Mrs. Vee found herself rushing to the altar.
‘Sister, wipe your tears,’ Pastor GB urged her. ‘This mountain in your life must be moved today. Halleluiah! The Holy Spirit says I should tell you to sow a seed of faith here and now. God forbid, sister, that you should give your God a gift that has cost you nothing! Now, tell me, what’s a car – no matter how sleek and posh – compared to a baby? Can your expensive jeep call you “Mummy”? Can that beautiful jeep hug you and smile and talk to you? No! So, give it out, sister! Hand over the key to your jeep to God, and by this time next year you’ll be carrying your miracle twin sons in your arms…’
Amid a chorus of ‘Halleluiah’ Mrs. Vee was dispossessed of the key of her vehicle and escorted back to her seat. She felt lightheaded thereafter as she was boarding a taxi back home, with her deaconess friend strongly urging
her to lie to her husband that it was armed robbers that had stolen their prize SUV.
Fortunately, Mrs. Vee came to her senses and was able to see through her so-called friend’s scheme. When she got home and opened up to her husband, all hell broke loose. Mr. Vee, mad with fury, rushed to the police and had Pastor GB arrested, pressing charges against the fake ‘man of God’ for STEALING… And when at the end of his trial Pastor GB was convicted, it then dawned on him and his boss, Mr. TY, that what they had termed ‘smartness’ was actually called ‘stealing’ in law.
“Quench not the Spirit”
No subject is closer to GOD’s heart than that which attracts the attention of every sensible, Spirit-filled person in our time: Family priority. When redeemed souls re-establish their relationship with GOD through Christ, it’s necessary, according
to the Scriptures, to give priority to the study of Biblical teaching about the divine order that should preside over family life. The Bible develops its story with a dual presentation of the health of family relationships. Obviously, the first couple (Adam and Eve) are found living in peace, united and experiencing GOD’s perfect will, in which the two were one flesh in their marriage. But another family also appears, when it is presented to GOD, Father of “every family in the heavens and earth” (Eph. 3:14,15), in his role of Creator, sustainer and protector of mankind’s
destiny. The author of this study has become renowned as author of “The Christian Family”, and as a pastor whose ability and teachings help many recover the pristine, divine standard that should govern human relationships in the home and toward GOD, the loving Father of all.
1. GOD created man (male and female) in His own image (Gen. 1:26-28)
GOD created the human being male and female, not a lone individual, but two people.
These verses contain a phrase that is the cornerstone of the biblical understanding of humanity: image of God. The image of God is presented first and foremost in relation to a unique social or community concept of God. “Then God said (singular), “Let us make (plural) man in our (plural) image”. Many specialists interpret the use, such as the singular with the plural, as an allusion
to the Trinity: one God in a community of persons.
God then proceeds to create man in his image. In this transcendental
moment, Scripture points out a particular aspect of human nature; that is, that which corresponds to the social or community aspect of divine nature: God creates human beings as man and woman, not as a lone individual, but as two persons. However, to continue our reading, we discover that the two are, nevertheless, “one” (see 2:24).
The “community” that reflects God’s image is special: the community of a woman and a man. When God chose to create humanity in his image, he created marriage, a family. The community
of the family constitutes a reflection of the community of the Divinity. Its identity, life and power come from God.
2. Family identity is in GOD (Eph. 3:14,15)
GOD The name of the “family” belongs to GOD and He extends it to the man and woman.
Speaking in human terms, we bind the identity of a husband, wife and children to their family name. This, however, identifies them superficially. Family identity has a much deeper root.
“Family” is a word that is rooted in GOD: GOD is Father, the Father of our LORD Jesus Christ. GOD is, in himself, a “divine family”. (The family expresses itself like GOD relates to people) The Bible reveals this aspect of GOD’s nature in a rich and varied usage of family images: GOD is our Father, GOD is the husband to his people, GOD is like a mother raising her children, Christ is the husband to the Church.
When a man and woman are united in matrimony, GOD grants them this name that, in essence, belongs to him: the name of family. The husband, wife and children measure up to the true meaning of this word, when they reflect the nature of the divine family in the human family.
3. Jesus and the Father are a model of the marriage relationship
(I Cor. 11:3)
When the Bible shows how Jesus and the Father interact, it reveals the type of bond that should exist between husband and wife.
The relationship between GOD as “Head” and Christ as Son, is given to us as a model for the relationship between the husband and the wife. When the Bible reveals how the Father and the Son relate to each other, it also tells us something about the manner that husbands and wives should relate to each other.
The following principles about the relationship between the husband and the woman are illustrated in the light of the relationship between Jesus and the Father: 1) The husband and the wife should share mutual love (John 5:20; 14:31). 2) The husband and wife fulfill different functions in the marriage (John 10:17; 14:28; 17:4). 3) Even when they have different roles, the husband and wife are equal; live in unity (John 10:30; 14:9,11). 4) The husband and wife esteem each other (John 8:49,54). 5) The husbands express love for their wives, and they demonstrate it by reciprocally looking after each other, sharing their life and ministry, and giving mutual attention to each other (John 5:20,22; 8:29; 11:42; 16:15; 17:2). 6) The wives express love for their husbands by sharing their desires and purpose with them; by exercising influence confidently, with humility and meekness, not through a cold-shoulder or competition; in a word, by showing respect, as much in their attitudes as in their conduct (John 4:34; 5:19,30; 8:28; 14:31; 15:10; Phil. 2:5,6,8; see also Gen. 3:16; I Tim. 2:8-15).
4. Christ and the Church as a model of the relationship between
the husband and wife (Eph. 5:22,23)
The divine Spouse represents the husband; the Church represents the wife.
The specific instructions that the Apostle Paul gives to husbands and wives represents a glimmer of the relationship between Christ and his Church: a heavenly model for all earthly marriages.
ow should I conduct myself with my wife? Look at Christ, the divine Husband, in his relationship with the Church: he loves it; he sacrifices himself for it, he is attentive to its needs, and he bears it like you do for the parts of your own body.
Sometimes, the wife should ask herself, “How should I behave with my husband? Watch the chosen newly-wed, the Church, in its relationship with Christ; respect him, recognize that he is called to be the “head” of the family, respond positively to his leadership, listen to him, entrust yourself to him, remain united in purpose and desires with him; be a true helper (see Gen. 2:18).
No husband and no wife can do this relying only on his will-power or resolution, but as you are shaped by GOD, (just as your marriage is – Eph. 2:8-10) the LORD will help you achieve it.
5. The attitudes toward GOD determine the attitudes toward the mate (I Pet. 3:1-7)
The married couple should continue fulfilling their purpose, without begin distracted by their problems.
Our attitudes toward our mate are determined by our attitudes
toward GOD. A husband may fall short of his wife’s expectations
and GOD’s ideal for a husband. Nevertheless, the wife seeks in every possible way to be a good wife, using Christ as an example, who obeyed his Father and trusted in Him, even when his own people rejected him (John 1:11). Or, a wife can frustrate her husband, be unaware of his authority or even disrespect him. In spite of that, the husband honors her, cares for her and prays for her, following the example of the conduct of the Father, who “knows our condition” (Psa. 103:14).
6. Husbands and wives are called to act according to divine arrangement (Col. 3:18,19,23,24)
The marital roles are not chosen nor cultural. GOD has ordained
The Christian offers himself in service to others as a way of serving the LORD. In these verses, that truth is specifically applied to the relationship between a husband and a wife. The role that GOD assigns to the husband is to care for and protect his wife. Likewise, from a different position, she should serve her spouse.
The roles aren’t chosen by the mates, nor assigned to them by the culture in which they live, but determined by GOD as a means through which Christ’s life is manifested on earth. It’s in this context that the word submission acquires its full biblical significance in family life: the husband and wife, both as equals, are submitting to GOD, by fulfilling the functions that he has assigned
to them. In the service that they offer to each other, the husband and wife serve and honor Christ. The word “submit yourselves” (Greek, hupotasso) is formed from hupo (“underneath,
below”) and tasso (“to arrange in an orderly way”). In this context, it describes a person who accepts his place under GOD’s established order. It also reminds us that GOD’s assignment to submit ourselves isn’t directed solely to wives. In James 4:7 and Ephesians 5:21, we see that the directive also applies to every believer, in his relationship with others, and with GOD.
The “community” that reflects God’s image is special: the community
of a woman and a man. When God chose to create humanity in his image, he created marriage, a family. The community of the family constitutes a reflection of the community of the Divinity. Its identity, life and power come from God.
God’s Order
In Family Life (Family Order)

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