Texas Sports Academy Engaging Youths For Brighter Future

Grassroots development of sports has become the beck and call of every human sector interested in the development
of sports in the global scene. The call is as relevant as when the blacksmith consistently hammer the metal on a particular
spot to simply identify it as the circuit point that revolve round the circumference of the circle.
his in semblance with the grassroots development of sports in Delta State where Texas Sports Academy, Asaba, has registered
its presence in red colours to become the cynosure of every folk in the sports development
arena by the commitment and flavour that have made the system additive of desires and fulfillment in a system of many different groups.
ne thing leads to the other and life is made of chance and circumstances as action
and reactions may not always go by the assertion of being equals and opposites because
every rule has a difference and if not adequately observed, mars the entire process
of the principle. The Managing Director
of the Texas Sports Academy, Joe Dansaba
commonly called Texas, who hails from Umuezei, Asaba, sees beyond the parochial views of many and as such considers them mostly from the uncommon angle but takes further steps to accomplish his visions with fewer frictions.
Reflecting on his interest in youth development
and realizing how being involved in sports activities aided his movement in life, the philanthropist as nicknamed by his admirers, Texas knew that the ball in the court would be played strictly by the rules of the game, and brought the experience in Aquina College, Akure, where he was an all sports personality to bear as a reasonable citizenry who desires to be relevant to the society.
“Having won the silver medal in Tennis double in the Western State Sports Festival
in 1975, I saw the beauty of doing better
than your mates in issues of life but this becomes possible because of determination and commitment. It eventually became a revolving point for excellence in my academic
pursuit. My experience in sports was a great advantage while in the University in Dallas, Texas in United States and I know that it could as well work for others, hence the determination to establish the Sports Academy.
“I got scholarship because of sports involvement
in basketball, volleyball, football and others and in Texas sports academy, we were involved in virtually all the games so that individuals would be free to pick the game of their choice and grow in it and this has helped many of them in picking pleasant
games of their interest and they are happy they have been able to advance. We must help the society by ensuring that our youths are not left idling about” he noted.
Dansaba disclosed that the youths must be encouraged as members of the society who have the right to live, whether financially
balanced or less-privileged, and if everyone does that, the entire place will be safe because what ‘we will experience will be natural security and this can only happen
if everyone has the basic needs of life.’
“The people in the academy are paid stipends
for their up keep; so, the reverse is the case because people pay much to be registered in other academies but in Texas Sports Academy, registration is free and we give you the little we have to encourage you in the process. It is my joy to be of help to as many as I can because I believe it is the right way of life. Interestingly we have our products making waves and we thank God who has been our source of inspiration,” he concluded

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