Lawmaker With Progressive Exploits

Democracy is apparently defined as government of the people by the people and for the people. The idea of democracy
is for people’s voice to be heard through their representatives. Unfortunately, most of our legislators cannot exonerate themselves from the current travails of socio-economic
underdevelopment in the country.
But for the Speaker of the Delta State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon Sheriff Oborevwori JP, MNIM, a first timer in the House, he has no doubt exemplified himself as a competent, transparent
and reliable person who was found and voted for to represent the people of Okpe constituency in the Delta State House of Assembly.
Prior to his election as Speaker, Oborevwori’s policy thrust has been to give his people a new lease of life in terms of good representation, collective participation, transparency and giving back to the people through poverty alleviation programmes,
constant meetings and representation.
As an experienced grassroot politician, astute administrator,
management expert and resource person who worked for many years adding value to people’s lives, Sheriff knows the plights of the people and at the same time he understands how to carry people along through collective participation.
After their inauguration two years ago, Oborevwori started having regular meetings with his constituent and engaging them so that he could understand their plights better. This was manifested during the first stakeholders meeting he held with them.
He knew that his constituency needed immediate attention in terms of agitating for their rights on the floor of the House which he has done effectively. As a visionary leader, committed
and transparent lawmaker, who loves collective participation,
Oborevwori met people in his constituency, including rural women to listen to them in respect of their needs and show them his developmental agenda over which he sought their support. Since then, he has been receiving support from people in his constituent.
This dark-complexioned fine looking gentleman and lawmaker
representing Okpe constituency is one of the most vibrant
members in the House. Although he is a first timer in the House, he never allowed such phenomenon to intimidate him, rather he turned his first experience to fresh opportunities.
Today, by an act of God, Oborevwori is the current Speaker of the Delta State House of Assembly.
Oborevwori’s emergence serves to underscore the lesson the legislators are sending out to the rest of the nation; that the legislative tradition can only be learnt through consistent flexibility, humility and loyalty.
Happily enough, Sheriff is a man who likes to serve others because he believes that if you do not serve people, you will not be served and if you are not a good follower, nobody will follow you. He is a humane and humble man. Despite his position
and achievements in life, he appreciates people and accords
everyone his due respect
A brilliant and intelligent debater and contributor, he is loudly visible, heard and has remained active and vibrant. For his efforts in the steady achievements of the House in the last two years, the astute manager is no doubt a go-getter.
Oborevwori is very active and enjoys adding his voice to issues on debate on the floor of the House and has been able to register his presence in the House, which, therefore, gives credence to the saying that the first could become the last and the last becomes the first. His natural manner of speech and sense of humour which he often uses to inject life into the House at sittings is well appreciated by members.
Sheriff’s brilliant, matured and impressive presentations and submissions at plenary is a clear demonstration of his capability and skill in legislative activities to lead the House for a second term, God willing.
He appears calm and calculative at plenary and has sponsored
and co-sponsored bills and can be pointed as one of those who have made the 6th Assembly tick and a reference point in the congress of the State Houses of Assembly.
On the February 16th, 2016, Oborevwori moved a motion on a matter of urgent public importance on the deplorable state of failed portions of Warri/Sapele Expressway between Okwijorogu and Okuovo in Okpe Local Government Area.
The motion requested the House to urge the Federal Ministry of Works, Power and Housing to direct FERMA to as a matter of urgency repair those failed portions of the road. The motion was later amended with an appeal to the State Governor, Senator Ifeanyi Okowa, to intervene and save Deltans and Nigerians
from the untold hardship and suffering experienced on that road. It was soon effected
by the governor. It is on record that Oborevwori wrote a letter dated December
10th to the Direct Labour Agency, DLA, requesting for urgent maintenance work on Ugolo/Orerokpe road, Oha/Orerokpe road, Adagbrasa road, Okuovo/Mereje Road and Onyeke/Okufuoma road.
But, as a result of paucity of funds, DLA was only able to work on Oha/Ororekpe road for now, which has reduced the menace of armed robbery, kidnapping and road accidents on that particular road.
Through Oborevwori’s cordial relationship with the executive
and other stakeholders, Governor Okowa gave approval
for the award of the construction of Onomigbo Street, Ororekpe, completed and commissioned; construction of Ejinyere/Orodje Street, Ororekpe, completed and commissioned.
Rehabilitation of Warri/Sapele Expressway at CH 6 + 500 and CH1+100 by Okuijorogu and Okuovo, completed; construction and commissioning of modern open and lock-up shops at Orerokpe market completed; construction of Okuovo/Kpokpogri/Iriama junction road, ongoing; construction
of Arhagba/Okobia/Okuabode road, phase 1 and resurfacing
of 11-kilometer Jeddo/Omadino road, completed and commissioned.
By the consistent synergy and engagements with other Agencies, Delta State Oil Producing Areas Development Commission
(DESOPADEC) and State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB) awarded and completed some projects across the four (4) political zones of Okpe, namely, Mereje, Ugolo, Ezezi and Aghalokpe zones.
The completion and commission of the Orerokpe modern market, newly constructed roads and other developments in Okpe land during Oborevwori’s current tenure in the House remains permanent in the memory and social-economic diaries
of all sons and daughters of Okpe kingdom.
Oborevwori has sponsored and co-sponsored bills on several
issues affecting Deltans on the floor of the House.
As a result of Oborevwori’s commitment to improving the lives of public servants, the Speaker doled out Christmas Bonus
to Assembly Staff during the last Christmas break and ensured the release of their long-awaited outfit allowance amidst eulogies by workers.
Rt Hon Oborevwori while acknowledging cheers from civil servants said the gesture was to enable the staff to celebrate the Christmas as never before in appreciation to their support for the leadership of the House and the state government.
The Speaker said he needed to appreciate and identify with the staff during the yuletide “as one good turn, deserves another” He commended Gov Ifeanyi Okowa for his administration’s
drive towards transforming the state through his capacity building and the human capital and infrastructural programmes, expressing confidence that the Governor will finish strong at the end of his tenure in 2023.
The Speaker enjoined the workers to continue to support the leadership of the House in its quest to enact laws that is geared towards improving the living standard of Deltans.
Some of the workers who spoke with journalists, including
the Chairman of the Parliamentary Staff Association of Nigeria [PASAN] Comrade Emmanuel Edozie expressed deep appreciation and delights over what they described as one of the numerous steps taken by the Speaker, Rt Hon. Sheriff Oborevwori to accord public servants in the Assembly their rightful position in the scheme of things and better their lot.
According to Mrs Okoh, though previous administrations in the state had been paying end of the year bonuses ranging between few per cent of their basic salary, Speaker Oborevwori’s
gesture of not only paying double per cent, but ensuring
the release of their long-awaited outfit allowance is not only a welcome development but also commendable.
Another worker who gave his name as Mr. Efe, said that recognizing the importance of the public service as the engine
room for government, the leadership of the House under
Rt. Hon Oborevwori has continued to embark on capacity building which has further enhanced staff productivity, and is doing everything that would make life more comfortable for public servants in the state and the general public at large.
A director in the Assembly who preferred anonymity said that since the inception of the Oborevwori’s administration, public servants have been giving a better recognition in various
positions where they have and continued to display great professionalism and competence in their areas of assigned responsibilities.
Indeed, Oborevwori is not only a blessing to Okpe people, a great asset to the entire state due to his humility, fear of God and commitment to the welfare of the people. His impact has been duly felt by people across the state and political divides.
The versatile lawmaker brought a new lease of life to his constituency during his various meetings with his people and as a way of giving back to them, he distributed food items, commodities, and clothing materials to both the old and young ones in the constituency. Those in need of grants to support their small business were not left out.
Oborevwori aside working round the clock in ensuring the election victory of his candidate and new Executive Chairman of Okpe Local Government Area, Chief JJ Scott, he has also empowered
market women and the less privileged ones and further
increased youth participation in governance by ensuring the appointment of several youths into political offices and further appointed Coordinators that would represent him in each chapter and ward that make up the constituency.
The appointment of these youths was part of his legislative commitment to further improve his constituency and bridge communication gap between the people and the lawmaker. The youths have been placed on stipends.
Indeed, the dogged and astute politician is an erudite lawmaker,
who has the vision to take his constituency to the zenith
of greatness.
The Speaker’s attitude as a giver, a helper of people, grassroots
mobilizer have made his constituents spotted him as a golden fish that cannot hide at the midst of many waters to represent them at the State House of Assembly.
An illustrious son of Osubi and Ukodo of Okpe Kingdom , Rt Hon Oborevwori’s achievement as a lawmaker in the last two years has proven that Okpe would enjoy many more packages from this noble man in two years to come, and there is no doubt that he is proven to be a round peg in a round hole.
Delta Speaker:Lawmaker With Progressive Exploits
Okwijorogu and Okuovo in Okpe Local Government Area.
The motion requested the House to urge the Federal Ministry of Works, Power and Housing to direct FERMA to as a matter of urgency repair those failed portions of the road. The motion was later amended with an appeal to the State Governor, Senator Ifeanyi Okowa, to intervene and save Deltans and Nigerians
from the untold hardship and suffering experienced on that road. It was soon effected
by the governor.
Rt. Hon Sheriff Oborevwori, Speaker of the Delta State House of Assembly,

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