I Won’t Disappoint My Constituenchy, If —Okonwanji

PEOPLE’S Democratic Party (PDP) faithful and aspirant to the Delta
State House of Assembly (DTHA) for Oshimili North local government area, Architect
Vincent Nkenchor Okonwanji has vowed that he would not, even for the briefest capsule of time, disappoint
his constituents, if nominated by his party and voted into office as a legislator
for the constituency.
Rather, he said that he would use every once of his personal energy and deploy all his political and other contacts to attract the development
that would make every constituent proud of his achievements.
Okonwanji, in an interview
in Asaba to unfold his aspiration before the media, said that he was aspiring to the seat for which he made a futile attempt in the past, because it would offer him the opportunity to live out his dream of contributing significantly to the accelerated
development of his constituency, a large part of which lies in the state capital
The architect, who is a Senior
Special Assistant (SSA) to Governor Ifeanyi Okowa on Project Implementation,
said that he has been a faithful of the party since its founding more than 18 years ago and had worked in its best interest, adding that he would not compromise the interest of his constituents
for anything, if elected.
He stressed that though he appreciated that his aspiration
would not be without challenges, he would eventually
triumph, with the support of other stakeholders
whom he said were fully convinced of his ceaseless missionary commitment to the cause of the party and its growth and flourish.
According to him, while the road to the realisation of any worthwhile venture is never truly smooth and easy sailing, it was equally true that no obstacle could stop an idea whose time has come.
By his assessment, the time for the actualisation of his aspiration has come
Alluding to the prospect of opposition to his aspiration, Okonwanji stressed that “ this is the time for change and every good actor or leader knows that it is best to quit when the ovation is loudest and I am not afraid of challenges.”
He commended the Governor
of Delta State, Senator Ifeanyi Okowa for what he termed the huge infrastructural
and other development projects he had delivered to Deltans since his inauguration,
in spite of the biting recession
from which Nigeria officially exited only recently,
and savoured the recent overwhelming victory of the party in the local government
polls in the state.
Okonwanji appealed to members of the party at all levels as well as non-party members of the electorate, to keep faith with their support
for the party, which, he said, had the capacity to deliver quality services to Nigerians.

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