The Welfare Of Our People ‘Il Be My Priority ––Egbabor

Theophilus Uzih
The Chairman of the People Democratic
Party (PDP), Isoko North Local Government Area, Hon. Emmanual Egbabor in an exclusive interview with newsmen disclosed his optimism over his victory in the local government elections, before and after casting his vote at his unit, Urude/Uramudhu ward 4, unit 7, spoke to Monica Ogbaudu of The Pointer Newspaper,
Asaba, that his party will no doubt get landslide victory, considering the rate at which it has impacted on the people. And this rea;lly came to pass.
According him, ‘’I want to give all the glory
to God for this victory of this day. From what l have seen so far, the turnout was overwhelming and the election was peaceful.
You can see that when you came in, the people were quite and the whole environment
was calm because they all came out to exercise their franchise. Now l can say that the lsoko North people have shown to us that they can speak with one voice, we have seen the results; by the grace, we came out victorious’’.
e also stated that he hates do-or –die elections, and that they did not lay their hands on result sheets to falsify the outcome
as speculated in some quarters.
Egbabor was of the view that the party has been on ground doing preparations from the onset knowing full well that elections
will sure come. In his words ‘’ if you say that, it is those people that have failed from beginning, who knew that they did not even come out to campaign, that are laying all these allegations. At my polling unit, l cast my vote and the result sheet was there. In this ward, that is Urude/Uramudhu/
Ozoro ward 4, if you go round, you can ask people, the result sheets were everywhere,;
so, if they are saying there were no result sheets when at the DSIEC office, they distributed the materials alongside the result sheets, who left with the result sheets ? That is the question you should ask. Those laying such allegations are the ones who were even going around trying to snatch ballot boxes and if not for the intervention of security agencies, the story would have be different. These are mere allegations
after all they did not even come out to campaign and so all they are trying to do is to whip up sentiments. It is medicine
after death
Asked the cause of pockets of protest , he averred that even in developed countries, it happens He said, “you know that in United States, recently there were Senate elections and the person who failed is protesting not to talk of Nigeria. So, if you talk about pockets
of protest, l will say it is okay, since you didn’t mention that the protest is major. It is the people who felt that they were losing in their units that have the right to say, Oh ! ‘I will not take this’, but if you look at 80 to 90 per cent of the people who came out to vote, they can testify to you that the elections
were free and fair, and ndeventually we have won.’
When asked how he would you rate Delta state Independent Electoral Commission, (DSIEC), he stated that DSIEC ‘has done very well to the best of my knowledge in Delta state because it is what they have done that trickled down to the success of local government elections . Those they have sent have done a good job. They were not partisan and they related with everybody
equally; that is why, if you go round the local government area, you will be able to testify if there was crisis and if there was, you won’t be seated here. I commend their efforts, though it is difficult to have 100 per cent perfect elections, we are human beings .
‘’ The electoral process in Nigeria is still at its lowest ebb.
First, what you should know is that majority
of the people who came out that day happened to know the chairman and their councillors. If you talk about the electoral process, we are still growing, you cannot compare us to developed countries; it is a gradual process, we will get there, because we are not there yet, but you also know that when you ask people not to come out of their houses, not to open their shops, at the end of the day, if that is their only source of income, they must do something to earn a living and to take care of themselves for the day. You are not going to share money because election is being conducted. The only thing you say, maybe from certain period to certain period, you cannot open your shop or from certain period to certain period you can do your business, that is where you will see that people will come, cast their votes and go back to start their businesses. If you insist, they should not open their businesses, those who are selling
pure water or bottled water, where will you see water to drink ? For those who are selling fuel, where will you get fuel to drive around even as a journalist?. The only thing we must do is, we must work together as a people we must begin to ourselves and begin to know that election is not a do- or- die affair.
I have told people that whatever we are doing is spiritual; it has be concluded before
we were born and John 3:27 says, “A man can receive nothing unless it is given to him from heaven” So, we don’ t need to kill ourselves.I have told my people, to go and cast their vote and go back to their homes. I will be elected and l know l will be elected because l have done very well while l was in office, three years ago, lsoko North was one of the most peaceful local government
areas in the state, and as you can see, even today you can attest to it.
‘’ l am very satisfied with the conduct of the elections. You can see that l am so relaxed,
calm and focussed. I am not bothered because l have won. I will continue from where I stopped and we shall look inward to assess ourselves in areas that we were weak so that everything can be strengthened
for the overall development of my people, because we are there to represent our people and with God on our side we shall succeed and the wellbeing of our people
will be my priority.’’