Delta South Senatorial Blues For 2019

The electioneering fever is gathering steam for Delta South. The gladiators gunning for the Senate seat are Senator James Manager, Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan and Hon Michael Diden of the Delta State House of Assembly (DTHA).
As at the last count, only two Itsekiris and one Izon contender are in contention for the position.
Senator Manager has done 16 years by end of 2019 and may still be in contention against the two Itsekiri contenders for the hot seat.
There have been many views across the board and coming from the base of Izon supporters, they feel Senator Manager must continue while other groups feel that being a position for the three groups in the Delta South, either an Isoko or Itsekiris should be favoured for the post.
The history of the Senate seat had produced two Isoko Senators: Senator Stella Omu and Senator Francis Okpozo of blessed memory.
The Izons had produced Chief E.K Clark and Senator James Manager, the incumbent Senator from Delta South.
For the Itsekiris, we have had only Chief Franklin Atake and it seems plausible for us as members of the G3 family, to learn to be our brothers’ keeper.
We may seem to enjoy demographic advantage over the Itsekiris with respect to the Senate seat today.
If tomorrow comes and we are interested in winning the support of Urhobos and Igbos of Delta North, we need to be properly aligned for tomorrow’s sake.
We are not as versatile in the politics of Delta and Nigeria but our Itsekiris brothers seem more foresighted in the way politics is played.
At the back of the mind of most Izon politicians is, we must not allow an Itsekiri to go to the Senate as if it is our birthright. It is a give and take affair.
There is enough time in the air and it is possible for us all to reach a consensus in this matter for the great good of our long term dream of producing a governor in Delta state. It is the ultimate we all pray for, and not a legislative position, which could hardly bring about visible dividends of democracy to our people . The calculations for 2023, is that the Urhobos are poised to rerun for governorship in Delta state and this will prolong our dreams to Government House.
Today, we are lucky to have an Izon man as a Deputy Governor in Barr Kingsley Burutu Otuaro to Governor Okowa by the grace of God. How much grace can we muster by the end of 2023 to win any governorship position, except, perhaps, the Urhobos could show us mercy.
That is the predicament of my people, the Izon sand when we talk glibly about legislative positions and forgetting the most important plum job of governor, we are merely missing the point. We must shine our eyes about our future in Delta because a thousand Senators or Reps members can translate to what governorship want to do for the Izons in our time.
We should not be short sighted to shoot our legs in the foot as we are currently debating whether to allow Dr. Uduaghan go into the Senate or not.
It is God that anoints people into positions and not human machinations. We as humans can only offer moral boost to assist them to attain the goals anointed by God. On Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan, I still stand.
I have no apologies to offer anybody. God bless all the contenders for the Senate seat in 2019.