Mansur Dan-Alli And Herdsmen’s Attacks

GLOLOBALLY, it is elementary that the welfare, security and protection of the lives and property of citizens form the the basis of good governance. One of the ways the government can achieve this is through the enactment and applications of the relevant laws to give the necessary legal teeth and eloquent expressions to the intents and purposes of the government.
t is against this backdrop that governments, all over the world, particularly those subscribing to democratic norms and values, work assiduously at all material times not to compromise the safety and wellbeing of citizens and their property. Indeed, the hallmark of any people-oriented government revolves around the commitment, ability and willingness to provide greater happiness for the good of the greater number of the people, coupled with the unflinching determination to defend law-abiding citizens from all forms of attacks, whether internal or external aggressions.
The recent comments of the Nigerian Defence Minister, Mansur Dan-Alli, on the the incessant bloodletting, arson, rape, maiming and killings in Benue, Taraba and some other states of the federation by ravaging and heavily armed barbaric herdsmen appear to question the concept of government existing primarily for the safety and wellbeing of the law-abiding citizens.
By blaming the alleged blockage of the grazing routes of the Fulani herdsmen and the enactment of the anti-open grazing laws by the affected state governments and their citizens as some of the causes of the reign of terror inflicted against innocent citizens and their property by bloodthirsty as herdsmen, the minister has demonstrated, in a most unacceptable manner, a negation of the intents and purposes of modern government .
Coming from the defence minister who ought to be the arrowhead for policy formulation and implementation geared towards the safety of lives and property of the people, the statement is not only provocative, and an abuse of office, but is also an in insult on the collective sensibilities of not only the states and people who are victims of herdsmen attacks but a betrayal of trust and confidence reposed in him by the entire citizens of this country as the defence minister.
We unequivocally condemn the provocative outburst from a man least expected, in the prevailing circumstance, to bow to sentiments when citizens are being slaughtered at will by men who see themselves as being above the laws of the land.
Indeed, what could be gleaned from the utterances of the minister is that the bloodbath perpetrated by the herdsmen against innocent law-abiding and unarmed Nigerians is justified and would continue unabated so long as the anti-open grazing laws of the states and the alleged blockage of grazing paths for the herdsmen remain in force.
We are appalled at this callous, highly provocative and insidious outburst of a man who should know better when it comes to commenting on sensitive national security issues but chose to throw caution to the wind.
What could be gleaned from the Minister’s outpouring is that the senseless and unauthorised killings of innocent and citizens by blood hounds would continue unabated. This is most unfortunate, highly reprehensible, unconscionable and totally unacceptable.
The minister’s position has the inexorable capacity to inflame hatred, mayhem and ethnic cleansing. He ought to have done better. Certainly, we cannot continue to watch a volley of murderous onslaught against defenceless citizens by herdsmen fuelled by intemperate utterances from men whose sense of judgment stand to be roundly questioned.
The minister should apologise to Nigerians for the hate speech. His unstatemanly outbursts are not verbal assaults on only direct victims of herdsmen attacks but all well-meaning citizens.
To hold on to this infamous view of his, the minister stands the grave risk of taking the nation to the Hobbesian option where might is right, and life is nasty, short and brutish. Nigerians must say no to this. Enough of this madness.

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